Different types of terrain skills for followers.

In game, the basic map is:

Rear Mid Van
Rear Mid Van
Rear Mid Van

Each column, have a 5% stat increase for its stat.

  • Rear 5% def ; Mid 5% heal ; Van 5% atk

Baisc Terrain Skills

There are basically three main terrain skills, [Blaze] , [Flow] , [Diamond]

  1. Blaze increases the Atk of followers
  2. Flow increase the Heal of followers
  3. Diamond increase the Def of followers
They have different power levels:
  • [Blaze] - "Noob" Blaze increase atk 5% ; Great Blaze increase atk 10% ; Super Blaze increase atk 15%
  • [Flow] - "Noob" Flow increase heal 5% ; Great Flow increase heal 10% ; Super flow increase heal 15%
  • [Diamond] - "Noob" diamond increase def 5% ; Great diamond increase def 10% ; Super diamond increase def 15%

Each of these three basic terrain skills can be for Van, Mid, Rear

  • ie. Great Blaze(Rear) or even Great Diamond(Van)

These basic terrain skill only buffs the follower that have the skill.



Rare/Legendary terrain skills. Skills may affect other units in row/column.

Rainbow Stone (Top), Realm Stone(Bottom)

The chart below show the rare/legendary terrain skills obtainable[1] from using a Rainbow Stone or Realm Stone

Legendary Skills are only obtainable by using a rainbow stone or realm stone. When using a realm stone you will only obtain legendary terrain skills. A rainbow stone may give a rare or legendary skill.

Terrain Skill Description Picture Rarity
Dragon & Tiger Bottom row units Def+20% on bottom row
Dragon and tiger
Heaven & Earth Top row units Atk+20% on top row
Heaven and earth
Tengen Mid units all stats except HP+10% on center
Gaebulg Rear units Atk+10% on Rear column
Rear skill
Vermilion Bird Bottom row units Def & Heal+5% on

center of bottom row

Vermilon bird
White Tiger Van units Atk+10% on center of Van column
White tiger
Dragon Scale Rear units Def+10% on Rear column
Rear skill
Aegis Van units Def+10% on Van column
Van skill
Black Tortoise Top row units Atk & Heal+5% on

center of top row

Black tortoise
  1. Chinese wiki says there's 8 rare skills, but I've only seen 6 so far (feel free to edit and remove this reference)