Your team has a maximum of 5 followers and 1 friend follower. They can be arranged in any order in accordance to the layout.

Basic Layout


You may place followers in REAR, MIDDLE or VAN positions.

Followers in VAN receive +5% ATK, MIDDLE receives +5 HEAL and REAR receives +5 DEF

Team Cost

Followers have COST associated with them. Your team is initially restricted by cost. You will gain costs as you level. Stronger followers (more stars) cost more to use.

Leader Skills

The default leader on your friends list is the leader of TEAM ONE. Your secondary leader is the leader of the last used team. If they are the same, the same follower will display twice.

Your leader follower will have it's skill activated during battles. Your friend follower will also have it's skill activated. Effects do stack, therefore it is recommended you use a friend followers that compliments your team.

Tips and Tricks

  • It can be useful to have a shielder in your team that shields based on HEL stat
  • It can also be useful to have a healer or damage reduction ultimate skill
  • High damage units with crowd control abilities are highly values
  • A few followers have innate skills that turn their attacks aoe, allowing easy auto farming.
  • Be careful of your follower's position skill. You will know its active if it glows in team formation.