5 Star Unit

Evolves into Fantasy Serenade Mozart

**During Jan 18th - Jan 24th Event "Khrono Stairways" this unit awards additional 25% AP at the end of Event Battles.**


HP: 2230
Defense: 850
Health: 1010

Leader Skill - Absolute Pitch

Light and Fire element HP+15%, Attack +40%


  1. Chain Paralyze - After charging, execute 3 normal attacks to paralyze enemy.
  2. Rest - Attacking paralyzed enemies awards SP+6
  3. Elemental Superiority (Wood) - Inflicts 50% Bonus damage against Wood elements.

Ultimate Attack - Violin Concerto (36 Energy)

Deals 240% Damage to all enemies, Defense down 50% for 2 turns, deals 15% HP of Damage against paralyzed enemies.


Not long after arriving in the Astral Realm, Mozart discovered her abilities to defend herself with instruments. To protect herself, she began researching "Battle Music." However, her main goal in the Astral Ream is not to fight, but to find Haydn and prove herself.

Deals 240% damage to all enemies, Defense Down 50% for 2 turns, deals 15% HP of damage to paralyzed enemies.