6* Unit

Does not Evolve or Ascend (Possibly in future)

**During Jan 18th - Jan 24th Event "Khrono Stairways" this unit can be acquired by completing Event Quests. Does not award any extra AP if used during event Quests.**


HP: 2140
Attack: 590
Defense: 730
Health: 380

Leader Skill - Piano Sonata

Human Race and Lion Emblem Attack 50%, Damage Resistance +12%


  1. Seal Immune - Immune to Seal
  2. Fiend Resist - Damage resistance +40% against Fiend Race.

Ultimate Attack - Symphony Drumroll (30 Energy)

All Allies except self increase Damage resistance +50% 1 turn (single effect), Clears defense down, immobilize, and seal.


Led by a surge of mysterious force, Haydn found herself at the doorstep of Astral Tower. "How amazing it would be if I can preform at the pinnacle of the tower..."

Deals 240% damage to all enemies, Defense Down 50% for 2 turns, deals 15% HP of damage to paralyzed enemies.