6 Star Unit.

Does not Evolve or Ascend


HP: 2450
Attack: 1880
Defense: 1300
Health: 1010

Leader Skill - Call of the Dead

Deity and Werebeast race HP and Attack +40%


  1. Deity Bane - Deals 200% Damage against Deity Race
  2. Full HP Up - Attack +25% when Osiris HP is Full

Ultimate Attack - Underworld Vortex (36 Energy)

Successive attack shift: : deals 150% damage to all enemies > Deals 300% damage to enemies on X area of grid and injure +20% for 2 turns (single effect) > Deals 450% damage and attack down 50% on single target.


She is the goddess of the Underworld in Egyptian mythology. Osiris is troubled by the fact one of her body parts is missing when she was resurrected. Hearing that the Astral Realm is full of mysterious magic, she travels to the Astral Realm to look for a cure!