Event summon
Event Period: Oct 16 - Oct 23
Featured Summon: Sister of the Demon King: Oichi
Event Exclusive: Sister of the Demon King: Oichi (6 Star)

Event Description

Oichi and Shibata Katsuie have come to the Astral Realm! Challenge the event quests to earn AP!  Once you collect certain amount of AP,  you will receive individual rewards!  Within the week after the event,  ranking rewards will be distributed to players according to collected AP.  Select the event from your home page for more details!  It is time to compete with other heroes! Are you ready? 

Event Summon

Event summon stats
Ranking event-0

Event Quests

The Oda Incident (Elite) 35 AP
The Oda Incident (Hard) 25
The Oda Incident (Normal) 15
The Oda Incident (Monkey) 10

Special Followers


4☆ Azai Nagamasa

4☆ Trader

4☆ Alfred Nobel


5☆ Omi Daimyo.Azai

5☆ Sunny Fairy.Azai Nagamasa

5☆ Merchant Guild Master

5☆ Explosive Girl.Nobel

5☆ Gram 5☆ Momochi Sandayu

5☆ Shuten Doji

5☆ Oda Nobunaga

5☆ Gabriel

5☆ Dagon


6☆ Divine Wrath.Gram

6☆ Iga Ancestor.Sandayu

6☆ Alcoholic Demon.Shuten Doji

6☆ Leader of Demons.Shuten Doji

6☆ Alcoholic Demon.Shuten Doji EX

6☆ Unity.Oda Nobunaga

6☆ Demon King of Six Heaven.Nobunaga

6☆ Unity.Oda Nobunaga EX

6☆ Hanayome.Oda Nobunaga

6☆ Overlord of Deep Ones.Dagon

6☆ Overlord of Deep Ones.Dagon EX


5☆ Oichi


6☆ Sister of the Demon King.Oichi