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Event Period: Jan 18 - Jan 24
Featured Summon: Concerto of Nature: Special Follower (Mozart)
Event Exclusive: Roll Symphony . Hayden 6 Star

Event Description

Compete against other plays in this AP farm event. Rewards will be distributed based on ranking and milestones. Featured followers have bonus! Additionally earn the limited edition 6 Star, Roll Symphony. Hayden follower!

Event Summon

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Event Quests

Concerto of Nature (Elite) 35 AP
Concerto of Nature (Hard) 25
Concerto of Nature (Normal) 15
Concerto of Nature (Monkey) 10

Special Followers

Bonus AP+2.5%:

No.585 Dragon Lord Ananda

No.678 Xu Shu

No.707 Puss in Boot.Charles

No.823 Snake White

No.1021 Emiliana & Hetzer

No.1051 Ravana

Bonus AP+5%:

No.451 Rosehip

No.811 Seraphina Diment

No.1047 Satan

No.586 Infinite Genesis.Ananda

No.679 Vigilnate.Xu Shu

No.708 Handyman.Charles in Boot

No.824 Mermaid‧Snake White

No.1022 Emiliana & Hetzer75mmL70

No.1052 Demon King of Lanka.Ravana

Bonus AP+15%:

No.452 Good Ending! Rosehip

No.904 Good Ending! Rosehip EX

No.1048 King of Devils.Satan

No.812 Flame Dancer.Seraphina

Bonus AP+25%:

No.1144 Mozart

Bonus AP+50%:

No.1145 Fantasy Serenade.Mozart